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Are you looking for proven tools to help transform organizations to a more engaged culture?


Would you like to improve the results of your coaching?


Do you get excited by the idea of expanding your portfolio to include the rising niche service of

"employee engagement"?


Would you like to distinguish yourself among the coach community in your market? 


OR would you like to use your corporate business experience to start your own business with a proven foundation?


If you answered YES to any of these questions, then take a step forward by participating in our FREE webinar to find out more about us and your journey to becoming an Engage and Grow Coach!

Discover the Global "Employee Engagement Manifesto"

Engage and Grow proudly announced "Employee Engagement Manifesto" where we identified the vision of a human focused organization in today's business world.

Watch our Founder Richard Maloney talks about

Engage and Grow

Watch Richard Maloney discuss Engage and Grow, our mission, how we transform the culture of the organizations, how to become a coach and what we are offering to new coach candidates.

Hear from our CEO 

Işık Şerifsoy

Işık's eyes shined when she first heard about Engage and Grow. Selling and facilitating several programs within her first six months as a coach, she saw the power of the program and has continued sharing this energy as the CEO of the company.


Change Lives & Transform Companies

The world of training has changed. No longer are organisations finding traditional workshops effective. We need to change the game. We need to look beyond what has historically worked and move to a new modelactive engagement.


As an Engage & Grow coach, you have the opportunity to make a real difference in peoples lives. From helping a small business, to influencing teams in multi-national corporations, the Engage & Grow coaching program is having a massive impact throughout the world. 

  • A New Business

    Start your own business or add a new offering with Engage and Grow Employee Engagement Programs

  • Unique

    Learn & implement unique solutions from Engage and Grow. Transform the culture of an organization with a tailored program focusing on behaviors & accountability & human connection.

  • Quick 

    Learn our methodology in 4-6 weeks and be in a position to offer these incredible programs immediately. Enjoy constant support on content, marketing, sales and positioning yourself as an expert. Connect to 300+ Global Coaches.

  • Strong ROI

    Solve the Engagement challenges of your customers, an Engage and Grow coaching license will enable a healthy business for you with a very promising ROI in a short time amount of time

I have been an E&G Coach for 2.5 years. It has been an exciting journey. In the first year I made around 10 times of my initial investment. Within this community you are learning and you need to take action. Secret to my success is my willingness to apply my new learnings. I am happy to help so many companies and leaders. It was well worth the investment!

Haryo Utomo



Everything started when I heard the words "Employee Engagement Coach"... So exciting to be able to make a difference at workplaces. I utilized the support & dashboard available within the community. In the first 6 months, I tripled my return on investment! And I loved the impact I was having on the organizations. I became Master Coach... I am so grateful being in this process.

April Holdsworth


How to join Engage and Grow?

Click on the link on the right, participate in our free of charge webinar at your convenience and at the end of the webinar make an appointment with us to discuss further!


A Global Community

More than 300 coaches within a community which is focused on helping organizations, all whilst creating a very welcoming coach community who helps each other, offers support and regularly celebrates together!

  • Comprehensive Coach Dashboard, 300+ hours of valuable content to support our coaches and their businesses with marketing solutions which enables each coach to position themselves as Employee Engagement Experts.

  • 3 x week live Q&A calls each week,  presentations from our Master Coaches, and lots of experience sharing across our Global Team which is also accessible via our recordings for the community to watch at a time that suits them!

  • Private Facebook Group

    announcements, events, experience sharing, coaches helping coaches, inspirational content, exclusive for our coaches as well as Global conferences, refresher training and community awards and recognition.


3 secrets to add over 6-figure income per year to your coaching business!

Learn how to add $10k/month to your coaching & consulting business with adding employee engagement to your service portfolio and be the expert on this demanded niche!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to most common questions from our Coach Candidates

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How can I ensure that my ROI is secure and will happen in a short time?

2. Our Programs

How do you increase Employee Engagement?

How do you support coaches?

What kinds of challenges are your programs helping business owners to solve?

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